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  As of today Lady Gaga’s twitter account has 20 million followers.  How many followers do you have? I guess before we find out how to get more followers on twitter the first question you should ask yourself is WHY you want more followers.  Maybe you are socially inept and insecure and need a lot [...]

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  Rush Limbaugh is a well-known personality in the talk radio world and not everyone is happy about his opinionated persona. Most recently AOL suspended its sponsorship on his popular talk radio show for calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute”. The student, Sandra Fluke, testified before congressional Democrats saying that the [...]

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  C-Spire wireless decides to give you a price cut on the iPhone 4S for those of you willing to sign a new 2-year agreement. The popular 16GB device will run for a discounted $150, $50 lower than normal. The 32 GB and the 64GB are of course a little more pricey at $250 and [...]

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  If your thumb isn’t so green and every house plant you’ve ever gotten has died, this gadget is for you. Koubachi, a Swiss startup wanted to help keep those plants alive through a monitoring system which allows your plant to tell you what it needs. Here’s how it works, you stick the plant care [...]

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Some of you may have seen those crazy looking, underwater photographs of dogs floating around the internet lately and they do make you stop and take a second glance.  Well, for many it seems as though a second glance and a “share” or a “like” has helped those photos go viral.  Seth Casteel is the [...]

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Windows 8 is set to change the consumer computing world; for good. There have been a number of videos showing Windows 8 running on tablets like the HP Touchpad, Motorola XOOM, and even the iPad. The W8 OS was revamped from the ground up to create a unique environment that can be use seamlessly on [...]

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For all you moms and dads out there who have been waiting for a tablet worthy of a child’s abuse, ARCHOS has just announced the Child Pad.  I know a few people personally who were debating getting their young children, under the age of ten, a tablet this past Christmas.  They are great teaching tools [...]

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Everyone is dying to know what Apple has up its sleeve for the release of the elusive iPad3. Rumors and speculations have been flying around for what seems like forever now. Apple has officially sent out invitations to a March 7th press event which should finally give us the answers we crave. The invites have [...]

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Between Facebook updates, texting, television, iPods and every other bit of information people are cramming into their brains simultaneously, why not add one more combo?  With the new app Social Radio for Twitter you can listen to your favorite tunes while having your tweets read to you out loud.  This app is available now for [...]

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  Zynga is launching Zynga.com, it’s very own site separate from Facebook. No, you don’t have to play while your on Facebook anymore but it’s not completely free and clear of Facebook. You will still have to log in via Facebook connect and Facebook credits will be used as gaming currency. If you’re a game [...]

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